the Case discussion of COVID-19

I informed some information about COVID-19 and updated status and the learning of Hokkaido, Japan where has relatively experienced the effect of the virus earlier than other parts of the world. Some members of “the better management network” or “managementdo” sent us the comments. Thank you for your permission to share your ideas in public and your spirit of collaboration. and. Your ideas will be helpful to understand from different perspectives about this issue and make strategies.

So, this time, we would like to do an online discussion about this ongoing topic. If you want to join the discussion, please read the following series of articles first and then post your comments following I.C.P.A, rules (Integrity, Courage, Politeness, and Acceptance).

I asked my friends the following questions;

  1. What are the reasons for this pandemic?
  2. What does the new coronavirus teach us?
  3. What will be the post corona time looks like?
  4. What is your vision in the new age?
  5. What is your strategy?

Let’s start with the first question and answers from the members;

  1. What are the reasons for this pandemic?
  • The global community is not prepared for the pandemic because it is novel (new): no available vaccines to prevent the spread.
  • Lack of a coordinated approach by the global community to tackle the pandemic
  • Non-observance of COVID-19 prevention guidelines and protocols such as self-isolation, social distancing, wearing of face mask, etc.
  • We should stop selling live animals (bat and wild animals) in a wet market and proper slaughterhouses are needed.
  • The Coronavirus mutation (as is the case for most viruses) is at the origin of its capacities of contamination and dissemination.
  • Reasons for this pandemic lay only in the fact that precautions measures are not taken on time and maybe they didn’t understand this virus well and dangerous of it. For example, Our country is a very poor country and we have poor health care. We had before great scientists and doctors, but they went abroad for a better life and work environment. So, our government was afraid that if this virus catches us, we will be in trouble. That is why they put very hard precautions measures and lockdown the whole country.
  • Non-respect of hygiene and prevention measures,- non-respect of the quarantine.

2. What the new coronavirus teach us?

  • The new world order is emerging where technology will play a prominent role in our everyday life – in education such as e-learning, health services such as telemedicine
  • Physical contacts will be limited
  • Health issues and hygiene is of high consideration and adherence is key
  • Countries of the world should employ a coordinated approach to find a lasting solution to COVID-19.
  • Expect changes in our lifestyles and in the way we do things.
  • New coronavirus teaches us that a virus not only stays in the air for a longer period but also it can’t spread if there is no host.
  • This virus teaches us that we are very vulnerable as humans and that we were not prepared for something like this. There are no borders in regard to the virus. And most important in some way we are together in this trouble, but also in some way we can’t still communicate normally on the whole planet.
  • The massive development of air transport, facilitated by the globalization of the economy, has streamlined the transport of goods and people and has played a driving role in wandering this disease into a pandemic. This is what has happened across China, which is both a country with a broad spectrum of trade and tourism with countries in the rest of the world and the epicenter of Covid19 disease.
  • The new virus teaches us solidarity between people, hygiene, and protection.

3. What will be the post corona time looks like?

  • Improvement in individual and nation’s health
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and cleaner air because unnecessary travels will be avoided and less fossil fuel will be used
  • Change in the world economy is anticipated where traditional economies will give way to economies driving by technology and e-commerce 
  • Businesses are shutting down and social life is changing the cause of keeping distance.
  • Post corona time will be really hard. The economy of every country is affected. This will be a global problem. A lot of people will stay without jobs. Salaries will go down. The tourism and hospitality sector will be the most dangerous. Not to mention poor and undeveloped countries will suffer in hunger. Because developed countries will look now only on how they will survive and how to earn more money. The pharmacy sector will bloom. Already did. Some countries will stop exporting some products, especially some food products. 
  • Public health systems, especially in Europe, the USA, and of course in Africa, have for long abolished pandemic surveillance devices. Crossing borders after the end of this pandemic will not be easy, especially as the health provisions of countries will certainly be more stringent and rigorous.
  • The post corona time will looks like new life, new life mode, prevention,vigilance and security.

4. What is your vision in the new age?

  • Have a safe and healthy individual and to have a world that is safe and healthy
  • My vision is people aware of pandemic and they will prepare for the future encounter new virus. Authorities will restrict traveling and precaution about businesses not to fall again.
  • Our country and countries in the surroundings should return to planting some cereals like wheat because it will be needed in future times. To produce flour. Or similar products. Not to lean only on import. So the vision is to lean on yourself and to try to rise your own economy, try to convince investors from the EU to open their factories and businesses in our country, not in faraway countries. 
  • Humanity must give researchers more time to provide correct and real explanations and information about the mode of contamination, preventive measures, and possible treatments.
  • My vision in this new time is that this pandemic will teach us some good behaviors, and with patience and respect for measures of prevention, we will surpass it.

5. What is your strategy?

  • Make use of probiotics in my nutrition such as eating vegetables and yogurt.
  •   Emphasize on immunity building food
  • My strategy is to stay home, using antivirus spray, and wash my hands. also, eat healthy food and take vitamins. study and learn my MBA’s exercise from a zoom application with the professor.
  • A strategy is to help our entrepreneurs and businesses, with different models of incentives, to stand up on their feet, to keep employees, to develop some new products for this different time.
  • The business world, government policies, the working environment, education, social exchanges, etc., are today greatly affected by the effects of Covid19. The post-pandemic world will rely more on teleworking. Education and group working environments will be subject to drastic control and sanitation measures.
  • At the individual level, social distancing and gestures that are barriers to the transmission of viruses must be an integral part of our daily behavior.
  • Our strategy is staying home, going out if necessary, wearing masks, washing hands, respect of 1-meter distance.

As you can see, we are discussing the same questions but there are various answers from different perspectives. So what do you think about the above five questions? If you like, please leave your comments.

In the time of crisis like the great plague, great discoveries were made, such as Newton’s one. So, this might be an opportunity for us. Let’s think about it deeply and gain some insights into a better world.

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  1. Contributors gave different perspectives in answers to the questions. The answers are pretty much useful in the recaliberation of our everyday life.
    Kind regards.

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