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The site for sustainability

Today, we have an announcement to make. After about one year of analysis, we purchased land to practice our knowledge of sustainability. This land is abundant farmland and has left for more than twenty years. It became like a forest.

The total area is 4.6 ha. When you look at the above picture carefully, you can find two areas that separated by a road. The left (West) part, the smaller part (0.4ha) is relatively flat and there are a small number of trees. We plan to design a farm using permaculture principles.

In the rest of area, there are a lot of thin trees.  We will thin this forest first and make it healthy condition. Inside of this area is undulating. There is a small valley. Many wild animals live here. I met a deer last week. We should think about how to live together.

We practice what is a sustainable business, agriculture, and community, then we will offer training courses.