New coronavirus, the case of Hokkaido (B)

As I explain in the previous article of Hokkaido(Hokkaido (A) case), Japan, the governer promptly declared the emergency and set the duration of the emergency for three weeks by Mar 19. The number of infected patients was gradually decreased and only three new patients were founded on Mar 19, the last day of the emergency term. Therefore the governer announced to remove the limitation and schools restarted.

Data source: NHK

One month later, the number of daily new infected patients was increased to the double digits. However, this time governer did not immediately declare the emergency again. On April 12, the mayor and the governor co-declared the emergency but restricted only going downtowns at nights. The number of patients continued to increase. Hokkaido government health care department were taking care of the patients who came from abroad. They did not understand why the number of patients was soaring again. After a few days, The Hokkaido government realized that some new patients have infected in Tokyo and came to Hokkaido. Just two weeks ago before soaring the number of patients, there was a sign of outbreak in Tokyo and some people who were worried about the situation in Tokyo moved to Hokkaido where the official emergency period was over.

On April 7, the prime minister declared an official emergency for the limited number of prefectures including Tokyo and Osaka but not included Hokkaido, however on April 16, the national government extended the emergency areas including Hokkaido.

Due to the restriction of the Japanese legislation system, we can not lock down cities, therefore we can ask not to go out but can not stop the mobility.

Now, we are suffering from the second wave of the pandemic and we are in the spring holiday season from April 29 to May 5. This is the time of our milestone whether we can manage this situation or not. Now our Japanese molality is testing.

Please learn from our experience. Even the number of patients decreased in your area if people from outside the area or countries where still pandemic continues can come to your area, there is a possibility of the second wave.

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  1. Hello Mr Tsuboi-San

    In response to your questions, I share with you and all the colleges on Mangmentdo some ideas related to the subject.

    1. The Cornonavirus mutation (as is the case for most viruses) is at the origin of its capacities of contamination and desimmination.

    2. The massive development of air transport, facilitated by the globalization of the economy, has streamlined the transport of goods and people and has played a driving role in wandering this disease into a pandemic. This is what has happened across China, which is both a country with a broad spectrum of trade and tourism with countries in the rest of the world, and the epicenter of Covid19 disease.

    3. Public health systems, especially in Europe, the USA, and of course in Africa, have for long abolished pandemic surveillance devices. Crossing borders after the end of this pandemic will not be easy, especially as the health provisions of countries will certainly be more stringent and rigorous.

    4. Humanity must give researchers more time to provide correct and real explanations and information about the mode of contamination, preventive measures and possible treatments.

    5. The business world, government policies, the working environment, education, social exchanges, etc., are today greatly affected by the effects of Covid19. The post-pandemic world will rely more on teleworking. Education and group working environments will be subject to drastic control and sanitation measures.
    6. At the individual level, social distancing and gestures that are barriers to the transmission of viruses must be an integral part of our daily behavior.

    Thanks and keep safe.

    1. Hi Sbia-san,
      Thank you for sharing your opinions and ideas about this pandemic.
      They will be helpful to everyone who thinks and acts on this issue.

  2. Hi Mr Tsuboi!
    Until now, our searchers and scientists in algeria don’t found the cause of the virus genetic mutation. An algerian ecologist propose to spread water of sea in all cities and regions because the sea water is salt then it can killing the virus and avoiding it spreding.

    1. Hi Nesrine-san,
      Thank you for sharing your country’s information.
      Regarding “seawater”, I want to do a small research. It is interesting and if it is effective, other countries also apply at low cost.:)

      1. Hi Mr tsuboi!
        How are you!
        Hope you are fine!
        About sea water, it comes freely from sea.
        People can load water sea tanks from beach. Then they spread it anywhere in the cities (walls, roads, doors, windows etc…).
        It is free , instead of other decontamination products contained in tanks.
        Best regards,
        Nesrine San.

  3. Hi Mr tsuboi!
    How are you!
    Hope you are fine!
    About sea water, it comes from sea for free.
    People can load water sea tanks from beach. Then they spread it anywhere in the cities (walls, roads, doors, windows etc…).
    It is free without costs , instead of other expensive decontamination products contained in tanks.
    Best regards,
    Nesrine San.

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