Project Edison II

Open innovation platform for sustainability


We have already known to achieve Sustainable development Goals or flourishing our home, mother earth, “business as usual” does not function. We need innovative businesses with creative products and services, however, we clearly do not recognize what they are. We have only ten years to achieve those 17 goals. Now we need Edisons for the age of sustainability. Even if we would have an Edison in our era, it would be difficult to invent a sufficient number of products and services to achieve them. However thanks to the global community and IT technologies, we can collaborate and invent them with 7billion people.

Project purpose

New Edison project is to create innovative ideas and produce new products or new services and use them to change our direction to the way ecologically friendly, socially inclusive, and economically viable. This project also contributes to achieving SDGs.


  1. Having business projects to contribute to achieving SDGs.
  2. Sharing the above business projects to the global community
  3. Making the above projects sustainable


“I have not faild, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas A. Edison


  1. Find scientific findings and traditional wisdom to apply projects to contribute to achieving SDGs.
  2. Using IT technologies to share the above great works
  3. To establish the support system for the above projects

Conditions of sustainable product and service

A sustainable product or service should satisfy the following conditions;

  • Environmentally effective
  • To promote social inclusion
  • Economically viable

Let’s start a small project. Prototyping and refining.


If you can satisfy the above all three conditions, any project will be able to apply. We respect the natural evolution by mutation and we want to accelerate the mutation process by our project. We adapt all directional approaches like dandelions. Let’s spread the seeds of innovation to our planet. If you are interested in please contact us from the contact form of the organizer (Insight Management Inc.)and share your ideas and action with us.

Caution: this project is an open innovation project. If you plan to hold any intellectual properties of your project, we do not recommend applying this project.

Actions (in progress)

We share the on-going projects on the following channel;

Applied Insights channel (on youtube)

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