What is COVID-19 teaching us? (Part 1)

The new coronavirus is still spreading all over the world and we are observing various effects on negatively and positively our living. It is good timing to observe carefully and understand what this virus is teaching us.

What is a virus?

Firstly, we should understand who he/she is. I did a small research about it and realized we did not know much about it. Today, I want to learn with you what a virus is.

According to Wikipedia, a virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism.

So viruses are not living entities. They can not reproduce by themselves. They have to infect other life forms and replicate themselves. A virus has a very simple structure. It is just encapsulated DNA or RNA with protein. It looks like the most simple thing on the planet.

We are facing this simple, tiny, not self-sustain agent. We are not dealing with a gigantic monster. This is the first thing we have to understand.

9 thoughts on “What is COVID-19 teaching us? (Part 1)”

    1. Hi Dotun-san,
      Thank you for your comment.
      How’s the situation in your country.

      We are facing this simple, tiny, not self-sustain agent. We are not dealing with a gigantic monster. This is the first thing we have to understand.

      1. Dear Sir ,
        The Corona virus is spreading at moderate phase but our government’s co-ordinated effort is effective in curtailing the spread of covid-19 so far. Hopefully with the sustained efforts of government and stakeholders we would flatten the curve.
        I look forward to a covid-19 free Japan, Nigeria and the World.
        Warm Regards sir.

  1. Thank you very much for sharing Mr Tsuboi San.

    It’s true, we don’t know much about this virus. Studies on this subject are carried out by scientists under pressure and stress in order to find possible ways to slow down and stop this pandemic. The results are sometimes contradictory. I think that more time should be given to studies in progress in order to reach good conclusions on this subject. In the meantime, the world population is called to more vigilance and measures of social distancing.

    Thanks again Mr Tsuboi and keep safe.

    1. Hi, Sbia-san,

      How are you? I hope you are fine.
      As you mentioned, we should respect and scientists, doctors, and medical staff who work for this pandemic on the frontline.
      We appreciate their courage. Even their relentless efforts, if we, normal citizens, do not understand this situation by ourselves, we can not have an ideal result together. We stay home now, so it is a good time for thinking about it. Maybe the solution is pretty simple. Let’s think and act together.

      1. Hello Mr. Tsuboi
        I am well, thank you very much. We are under lockdown until May 20 if the situation improves.

        I fully agree with you that the situation requires greater awareness and patience on the part of the citizens.

  2. Covid 19 is teaching us that change is a constant and we should embrace business unusual in matters social,economic and political.
    Another aspect being communicated is the issue of being prepared for any eventuality in life and so all resources should be channeled towards this aspect of preparedness.
    The world has become a small village in essence that the virus has hit the whole planet hence international corporation in seeking for mitigation and control mechanism of the virus becomes akey essential element of international partnership!

  3. Hi, Mr Tsuboi san!
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine!

    The virus covid 19 when reproducing, each new virus is not similar to other.I mean one virus gives different viruses specially in their structure. This virus is similar to s virus HIV which also belongs to coronaviridea species. ( virus with ARN core). The different characteristics of descendants of covid-19 make the elaboration of vaccin difficult.
    Best regards,
    Nesrine san.

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