What is agroforestry?

To find out the practice of sustainable land use and food production, we start small two projects on the project site. One project is to regenerate wasted land. The other is the agroforestry project.

What is agroforestry?

According to the definition by FAO as follows;

Agroforestry is a collective name for land-use systems and technologies where woody perennials (trees, shrubs, palms, bamboos, etc.) are deliberately used on the same land-management units as agricultural crops and/or animals,

by FAO agroforestry website

There are three types;

  1. Agrisilvicultural systems are a combination of crops and trees, such as alley cropping or home gardens.
  2. Silvopastoral systems combine forestry and grazing of domesticated animals on pastures, rangelands, or on-farm.
  3. Agrosylvopastoral systems integrate the above two systems.

Agroforestry is one of the practices for sustainable land use and agricultural production. It can be applied from a large scale to a small fragmented field.