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Sustainability revolution

Since the 1970s scientists have warned that our human activities are degrading our environment and would reach the earth’s limits. Furthermore, we have already exceeded some limits. In other words, we are overshooting. If we can not take effective and prompt countermeasures, we will collapse.

Now we are facing the one of situations of overshooting and collapse with COVID19. We experience what is overshooting and collapse. We are realizing that our current practices and systems are not effective.

The times and size of disasters are increasing such as floods, wildfires, and drought. We need something different, more drastic changes.

During human history, we have experienced various significant social changes. We shifted hunter-gather culture to agriculture. Then we moved agriculture to industry. We have experienced drastic changes. Through these changes, we received some wealth but generated problems and degrade mother earth. Now we need another transformation. Let’s say “sustainability revolution”.

We have full of problems but at the same time, we have great opportunities to join the sustainability revolution. Everyone has a right to participate.

I don’t know how to achieve the revolution and what are exact solutions for it. However, I feel that solutions are around us but they are hidden from our sight.

When you carefully observe plants on the wasted land of the picture above. you will understand there are meanings why they grow in a particular location.

We have a chance to fully utilize our imagination and creativity to find and practice them.

Let’s join this sustainability revolution and enjoy this opportunity.