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forest garden project 1 (The first harvest)

We have two projects on our sustainability demonstration site. One is the forest garden project and the other is regenerating the wasted land.

Today, I want to share with you our forest garden project.

This site was originally a natural forest before reclamation. After the reclamation, it became farmland. However, due to some reasons, it became a wasteland. After a long time passed, it became a secondary forest. Thin trees grow close together. It is a shady forest.

We started an experiment on forest gardening this year. This year we scatter some seed balls and planted potatoes. We adopted the “natural farming” method, with no tilling and no fertilizers.

The first harvest from project site two, “secondary forest”.

Those are the major harvests of this season. We could obtain yield with “do-nothing farming“. It was a very impressive moment with us. We did not do anything. Nature made them!