Do nothing farming

Have you ever heard of organic farming? Of course! Ok. Then have you ever heard of natural farming? What is natural farming? What is the difference between organic and natural farming?

The word of natural farming started to use by Masanobu Fukuoka. After studying and working as a microbiologist and agricultural scientist, he started natural farming in 1938. The feature of his farming is no tilling, no pulling out weeds, no pesticides, and no fertilizer. Simply put “do nothing” farming.

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When I started to study this eccentric farming, I getting realize this is the most scientific, economic, and sustainable farming. I began to apply this method in my garden and planted rye seeds in October, last year. Today I harvest and dry them. As master Fukuoka said, we can harvest without doing anything.

Do nothing might be the key to sustainability.

10 thoughts on “Do nothing farming”

  1. We can deduce cost by practicing this method in rice production. In Myanmar, farmers used straw to reduce cracks in shipping eggs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am happy to hear about you, From your lecture I decide to open a small company, working on Agriculture, Forest and Environment issues, We are focus on organic farming, (vegetables, rice, seedlings production, etc) it has give us a potential power and motivation to go further with it,
    Organic farming from CRIMA’S AGROFOREST MULTISERVICE, LDA, is on progress, and we believe that things gonna change in the future and our big picture is to development best practices on organic farming and spread this on the community, showing them the advantages,
    We have a proof of organic production.
    thanks for sharing rice experience from JP.



    1. Hi Caroa-san,
      Thank you for your comment. Congratulations to start-up your business.
      Organic farming is good for our health and environment with small see money.
      Let’s promote this farming together!

      1. Hi Shin san
        Actually, I am engaged on green manure(substrate) for forest species crops(seeds), I am sure that things going to be great.. I have many customers who pretend to get this products.
        I have small greenhouse where my prototyping taking place .
        All things a doing respecting Sustanibable Develop Goals (6, 13, 15, 17) ..

        Bye bye

        1. Hi Caroa-san,
          Thank you for sharing your practice.
          Using green manure is a good alternative to chemical fertilizer.
          It’s cheaper and healthier than conventional ways.

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