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Today, we have an announcement to make. After about one year of analysis, we purchased land to practice our knowledge of sustainability. This land is abundant farmland and has left for more than twenty years. It became like a forest.

The total area is 4.6 ha. When you look at the above picture carefully, you can find two areas separated by a road. The left (West) part, the smaller part (0.4ha) is “the wasted land where its topsoil has been removed and is relatively flat. We plan to design a farm using permaculture principles.

In the rest of the area, there are a lot of thin trees.  We will thin this forest first and make it healthy condition. Inside of this area is undulating. There is a small valley. Many wild animals live here. I met a deer last week. We should think about how to live together.

We practice what is sustainable business, agriculture, and community, then we will offer training courses.

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    1. Hi Gu-san,
      Thank you for your comment. You are animal specialist, so maybe I will ask you later how to coexist with wild animals with proper distance.

  1. Congratulations. This is a commendable venture despite the set backs of Covid 19. It shows we can think positively even when faced with a pandemic since there is afuture after.
    Wishing all the very best

  2. Sustainable business, agriculture, and community is a good idea. My understanding is that a sustainable business model should have a good balance of demand and supply, and be able to generate good turnover that will keep it afloat. Sustainable agriculture is friendly to nature and makes use of organic production inputs, and aims to improve the soil properties such as soil chemistry, physics. Crop production should be guaranteed through good agronomy practices. Marketing end needs to be guaranteed through a model that ensure price discovery.
    A sustainable community where wild animals coexist with humans needs a careful assessment and safety consideration. The animal can be fenced and restricted to a portion of the farmland so as not to pose a danger to humans.
    I congratulate you sir for the acquisition of the farmland.
    Kind regards.

  3. Hi Mr Tsuboi San

    It is an excellent idea.
    The challenge for agroforestry ecosystems is to find the best balance between production and marketing objectives and those linked to maintaining the ecological balance of flora and fauna. It is in this sense that the notion of sustainability should be sought.
    I am sure that with a good vision and a well studied concept this project will see the light of day very soon.
    This reminds me of the late Dr Testu Nakamura who set foot in Afghanistan as a Doctor, and who subsequently embarked on an adventure in the fight against poverty and in search of sustainable development. This respectful Samurai is fully committed to converting the challenges and difficulties Afghan refugees face in working their land into opportunities.
    Isn’t sustainability derived from the spirit of Bushido …? I’m sure it is.


    1. Hi Sabia-san,
      Thank you for always encouraging me to challenge something new.
      I appreciate that you mentioned Dr. Nakamura who contributes to achieving peace in Afganistan with water. not with weapons.
      I will write an article about him later.

  4. Congratulations! With 20+ years of untouched soil, I believe you have a good vision and hope to see the project come to light soon.

  5. Hi, Mr Tsuboi.
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine?

    I would like to whish you good continuation for the success of your project.

    It is very interesting project.

    The results will be impressive.

    Nesrine charef.

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