Let’s draw our vision

We have already understood the reality.

There are a lot of problems, but problems are solutions.

Now is the time to imagine our ideal future.

Let’s draw a picture of the future that we want to realize.

During this activity, you can feel happy even in difficulties.

Let’s share the picture and happiness with friends and neighbors.

If we set the right direction and keep a positive mind, we can achieve it.

Only happy people can achieve their visions.

2 thoughts on “Let’s draw our vision”

  1. Hi Mr Tsuboi,
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine!
    Normally, there is not the concept «countries».
    There is the concept «world».
    There is one world, one people, one soil without discrimination in religion, face colour, and country.
    Normally, there is not the concept «developping, developped or under developped countries » if there is help, share and respect between them.
    The classification of countries in this way lead to create difference in power, economy, policy and lead to light wars.
    Hapiness is easy to feel if there is people independance respect.
    In each country, there are also animals, plants and soil.
    We have to respect their existence because they have also the right to live and they are important in human life.
    It is time to think about the earth.
    Nesrine san from Algeria.

    1. Hi Nesrine-san,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes. We should think and act as a world.
      How might be the solution of this crisis if we act as a world?

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