To make a new peaceful world

When we look at the situation in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other African countries that has conflicts and refugees, we have not learned anything from the past.

We definitely should avoid using war to change anything. However, we should understand the history and background to start the wars.

For instance, regarding the Ukraine situation, who is responsible for it?

Did it happen only by two countries’ acts?

Is economic sanction an effective way to solve this fundamental problem?

Does our world system have any problems to lead this tragedy?

Now I am thinking about the above question to myself.

To collaborate with all countries to draw an ideal world vision and act on it is sustainable development. We should not waste ourselves on wars and conflicts.

Let’s think this is a great opportunity to make a new peaceful world with all of us. It will be a wonderful thing.

2 thoughts on “To make a new peaceful world”

  1. Hi, Mr TSUBOI.
    We have all together to change our behaviour to preserve the nature.It is the policy which is lighting the wars.
    We have to delete political science and its study.
    We have to lecture people about the RESPECT of nature.
    Nesrine san from Algeria.

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