5 thoughts on “SINGing this song of prayer”

  1. Thank you Shinichi-san on this beautiful song!!!
    It is sad, really sad situation…. This war.
    Instead we look into better future, future with love, with no differences between us, with clean environment and nature…for our single planet Earth, we are still blind and know nothing.
    Today in 2022. exists people who still live in past.
    We are talking about sustainability?
    Today we are facing with possible end of humanity that we knew.

  2. Hi, Mr Tsuboi,
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine!
    The song makes me cry. I am very touched by this song because I dont like see people and childs suffer from wars. It is crual.
    I am praying for all people suffering from wars, all over the world.
    The question I aske, why people destroy each other?
    In our religion «Islam», the Coran holy book has already predicted the wars and the destruction of earth between humans.
    God has said in Coran that before creating the humans, there were God and angels at the earth. Devils have existed also with them. Devils have destroyed the earth by creating wars between them.
    Then God has decided to destroy devils and to recreate a new earth.God has decided also to create humans, but angels did not agree with him because they have thought that even humans will destroy the earth in the futur.
    God has said for angels that he knows in advance that humans will kill each other and they will destroy the earth also.
    For this reason, God has also created the paradise and the hell and he has said for angels that« there is the good and the evil, humans who do the good things, God will promise them the paradise and humans who do evil, God will promise them the hell».
    The paradise is a wonderful futur world whithout wars, problems, hate, there is only love and peace.
    We have to do good things between us and do the best for our planet in order to gain the paradise in the future.
    Nesrine san from Algeria.

    1. Hi Nesrine-san,

      Thank you for sharing with us the story of the creation from Coran.
      We should learn from religions. All religions have the same faith.
      Now is the time to recreate the world again.

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