Eliminate wars and conflicts in the world

Now we are facing an unbelievable and shocking situation in Ukraine.

We all know and have experienced that war can not solve anything and it makes the situation worse.

Is there anything we can do to finish this tragedy?

Firstly, we should have the invincible mind taught by the founder of Aikido, Mr. Morihei Ueshiba.

How to apply systems thinking?

How to practice the art of “fight without fighting”?

Where should we return?

Let’s share our ideas about what we can do.

5 thoughts on “Eliminate wars and conflicts in the world”

  1. Hi Mr Tsuboi san

    I completely agree with your post, the vision is the road. Nothing justifies war. In a situation of war all visions crumble and give way to darkness, hatred and inhumanism.

    To fight without arms is undoubtedly a noble and wise vision to defend the good cause, to preserve human lives, to win and to convince. Wise fighters have indeed won their case by choosing this path: Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela fought unarmed against colonialism, Testu Nakmura pleaded for sustainable development in Afghanistan and sacrificed his life to see this country prosper, and other examples of peaceful struggles can be cited in this regard.

    Throughout the past, to fight without fighting was considered as a sacred art transmitted by the sages in temples, mosques, and churches. Today we need to establish this essence of spirit at the level of political, economic, and social cotching. Some modern societies have already pleaded for this path, while others unfortunately place this precious learning in the dustbin of prehistory.

    May God rest in peace the souls of the children, men and women victims who perished in this crazy war whose only objective is to exhibit the ultimate power to others.

    Let us pray to God to bring forth the voice of the wise to stop this stupid war as soon as possible, and to prevail in the struggle for the development and prosperity of humans, whatever their colors, religions and affiliations.

    Abdelhadi SBIA

  2. Hi, Mr TSuboi!
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine!
    I think that developped and strong countries are responsible in the destruction of the earth when they kill people in wars. They dont respect the goals of sustainable developement even they are member of sustainable developement gouvernemental organisations. These countries are hypocrite.
    They are hiding behind peace, environnement protection and human equality commities, trainings, seminars and organisation.
    They seems lecturing the non developped and developping countries about preservation of the nature and humanity.
    In reality , it is false.
    The weak countries respect better the goals of sustainable developpement.
    They respect more the nature.
    They want survive and live from the nature.
    Nesrine san from Algeria.

      1. Thank you, Sbia-san and Nesrine-san,

        I realized I did not learn anything from the past.
        I start to learn deeply this issue.

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