Water, Not Weapons: The Greening of Afghanistan

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura was a humanitarian who devoted his life to rebuilding Afghanistan, up until the day he was tragically killed on December 4, 2019. This documentary tells the story of his tireless efforts to bring water, agriculture, and civilization to the people of a war-torn nation.

After devoting rehabilitation of the country several years, he gained an insight. “One irrigation canal will do more good than 100 doctors!”

After having the idea, he explained his vision to local people and they shared his dream and work together. Please watch the video below and understand his vision and practice.

Water, Not Weapons: The Greening of Afghanistan

2 thoughts on “Water, Not Weapons: The Greening of Afghanistan”

  1. On a war field, as a Samurai animated by the spirit of Bushido, he chose to fight his battle against disease, poverty and famine. He was armed with the developer’s common sense, a vision he ardently defended to combat drought in Afghanistan.

    The late Dr Testu Nakamura was more Afghan than the Afghanistan themselves. He has spent more than thirty years living, thinking, inhabiting, understanding and acting as an Afghan citizen. Its ultimate goal was to ensure the best living conditions for a population wracked by decades of war.

    The late Dr. Testu Nakamura is today the symbol of the absolute dedication of oneself for the good of humanity.

    Those who killed him will suffer their whole life in shame. They think they have exterminated him and his ideas, but they are completely wrong because Dr Testu Nakamura, or “Uncle Murad” as the locals prefer him called him, will always remain alive in the hearts of those he has always served and those who believe in the path on which he was committed.

    May God bless Dr Testu Nakamura and may his soul rest in perpetual peace.

    Best reagrds

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