The relation between personal growth and stress


We have taught that stress makes us sick for a long time. We can find a lot of articles or post about stress check tests and explain how to reduce or avoid stress. Also, various symptoms and critical diseases introduce as stress related, and treatments like massages or medicines are offered. However, when I think back, every time I experienced significant personal growth, had some stress. For instance, when I managed marketing section in an agricultural project in Central America, there were a lot of differences like culture, working behavior and language and I felt tremendous stress. When I studied in a graduate school and also working at Microsoft at the same time, I overwhelmed by stress.

Most of the time I experience personal growth and feel stress, there are time boundaries such as project term and deadlines of assignments.

We can find some relationship with personal growth, deadline, and stress.

How about your case? Did you feel stress when experienced personal growth?


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