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Budda said that “Life is Suffering. However, there are reasons for the suffering and they will be able to be removed and there is a way to do that”. (“The practice not to react” (in Japanese) – Ryusyun Kusanagi )

According to the book, firstly, you should not accept the pain, you should just acknowledge it. The method which explained in the book is very practical and innovative to me.

When I read this book, I had an “aha” moment.   Yes. I gained an insight.”This method has the same concept as 5S of operation management!”.

Let me try to adapt “5s” to explain how to cope with suffering which proposed in the above book.

“5S” is one of the operation management methods which widely implemented in Japanese companies and organizations. This is a set of simple activities but very effective to improve the working environment, productivity, and quality.

Now, I try to adapt “5S” to stress management.

Preparation: Find you relaxed and comfortable position, seated on the chair and close your eyes. Look at the inside of your mind and body and acknowledge your emotions and body sensations.

1.  “Seiri” (Sort) : Label your emotions. Explain these emotions with words. Sort them into two categories. Necessary emotions and unnecessary ones such as greed, anger, and delusion. The guideline question of this sorting is “Is this emotion is important to achieve my vision?”.  Abandon those unnecessary emotions. Let them go.

2. “Seition” (Set in order):  Think how you can use those important emotions and set priorities

3. “Seiso” (Shine) : Clean your mind on daily basis.

4. “Seiketsu” (Standarize): Maintain high standards in your mind.

5. “Shitsuke” (Sustain) :  Set up a system to and keep it a habit.

If you have practiced 5S before and you can think like this, you can easily imagine how to cope with stress.

I have practiced this and I found the effective “system”.  I’d like to share it with you. Please do 5S of your room every morning. At the same time, do 5S on your mind. When you practice like this, you can visually confirm you room and mind are properly cleaned.

I also find one challenge. Throwing out unnecessary emotions is difficult. If you find the difficulty, please think that “let them go”  like a flow of a river.



5 thoughts on “5S on your mind”

  1. Thank You, Tsuboi san. More than a sensei you are a guidelight in our life. So grateful To met you 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jessica-san.
      “5S” is the essential mindset of us and a part of life.
      I will post something about management on this site.
      Please visit here sometime.

    2. Thanks a lot Tsuboi san for the wise words/teaching. Shall ensure continued application of 5S on not only in office but also on our minds for stress management as advised.

      1. Thank you, Noreen-san for your comment.
        When we do “5S” in our office and on our minds, we have an ideal environment mentally and physically for our life and work.

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