What makes a good life?

“What makes a good life?” This is a simple question but hard to answer. What is a good life? The definition of a good life will be vary depending on people. Harvard University has studied about adult development for 75 years tracking the lives of 724 men. They defined “a good life” is physically and mentally in good health for a long time. What is the finding? Wealth, fame or hard working? The answer was pretty simple. “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.”

The relationship is the key to happy life. The relationship does not mean the number of friends. It means “quality” of close relationship. Good rapport protects our bodies and brains. On the contrary, the experience of loneliness harms you physically and mentally.

Establishing good relationship is the main idea of management. However, most of the problems also relate to human relationship. The lesson from this research is having the courage and try to communicate with others. Don’t avoid interaction with people. It will bring loneliness.  Keep the balance of courage, wisdom, and emotion and make our life happier.

Photo : Family by Andi Szilagyi


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