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COP 28: Is nuclear is sustainable energy?

During the COP 28, the international climate summit, more than 20 countries declared to triple their nuclear energy capacity by 2050 to reduce carbon emissions.

Is carbon emission the cause of global warming?

Recently it looks like oversimplifying the cause of global warming.
Carbon dioxide is the bad guy. However, we should ask if it is true.

Why does CO2 increase?
Our production and consumption of goods emit gas and heat.

Why do we produce and consume a lot?
Because we always aim for “economic growth”.
This mind model is the root cause of global warming.

Is nuclear power sustainable?

We had a tragic experience in Fukushima in 2011.
In addition, even if it operates safely, produces nuclear waste all the time and keeps it safe for more than a thousand years.

On January 1st, 2024, another big earthquake struck Noto Peninsula, the central Japan.

Earthquake information NHK world-Japan

There is the biggest nuclear power plant(Kashiwazaki-Kariwa) near the disaster location.

We tend to focus on short-term economic profit however, now is the time to use systems thinking to formulate a long-term strategy.