Ten years after the nuclear disaster

Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant is filled with contaminated radioactive tanks.
  • SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and nuclear power energy

To achieve Goal 7, affordable and clean energy, nuclear energy is included as clean energy that not emit greenhouse gas. However, it is not renewable energy such as water and wind. Even it is operated safely, high-level nuclear wastes are produced. Those dangerous wastes should be put in special containers and keep several thousand to a hundred years.

Source: the document by The Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan
  • Nuclear power plant is a failed system

If you operate this nuclear power plant, you make the radioactive wastes and you should keep them safely for a hundred thousand yeas. Automatically your future generation will have this negative asset. Therefore, when we think about the circular system, it is a failed system.

  • To achieve zero radioactive and zero carbon

Ten years passed after the nuclear disaster. However, still, a lot of people can not go back home due to the radioactive contamination. We should achieve zero radioactive and zero carbon emissions to realize environmental and social sustainability.

4 thoughts on “Ten years after the nuclear disaster”

  1. Your post on nuclear waste is instructive and I agree with your position on zero carbon and radioactive emissions

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      The cost of decommissioning the reactor is estimated more than US$80 billion.
      If your country thinks about the introduction of a nuclear powerplant, it better to discuss it carefully before implementation.

  2. I absolutely agree that we should stop nuclear electricity because of the high cost for the environment. It takes people huge amount of money and complicated technology to create electrictity from nuclear material. Then people continue to take big risks to operate and store dangerous watses from this technology. It was so lucky as Vietnam’s Government had decided to stop the nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan Province.

    1. Yes.
      I admire your country’s decision.
      Your government and citizens also refused the coal-burning plant,
      even somebody asked you to give it free of charge.
      We should learn from your country and we should reflect deeply on our acts.

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