Sustainability project update June 2022

Before (Aug 2020) After (June 2022)
The sustainability project site 1 “wasted land”

Almost two years have already passed since we started this project. For project site one, “the wasted land”, we have focused on regenerating the soil fertility. When we purchased, the topsoil has been removed completely and appeared bare soil.(Picture Before (Aug 2020)) For two years, we have adopted “natural farming” by Masanobu Fukuoka. We have buried dried weeds to make some ridges like hugelkultur.

Besides those ridges, we have seeded white clovers. Now the area has is coverd with white clovers and others,(Picture After (2022))

Pumpkins and potatoes are growing on one of the ridges.

According to the book, “natural farming” by Mr. Fukuaka, it takes around three years to regenerate wasted land. Our wasted land is getting regenerating soil fertility and some pumpkins and potatoes are growing.

3 thoughts on “Sustainability project update June 2022”

  1. Congratulations! This is great news, especially if you take in consideration that food will be important in near future.

    If you just look on Europe, you can notice that coz of war on north, we have lack of food, gas and resources, and prices are higher 150% than last year.
    Lot of deceliping countries in the world will not get floor and food, and it will be worse crisis than war.

    So, your decision to start this project is great and inovative.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Mirela-san,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have a dream.
      One day, our international friends come here and learn how to regenerate desserts, forests, food, and society. They will go back to their countries and implement the learnings. All countries have fertile land and rich forest. No wars, rehabilitate countries together, all refugees go back to their countries and enjoy their fruitful life with families, climate change stops, islanders enjoy their living in their countries, all people enjoy conversations with healthy dishes,teas and coffee, enjoy music and dance together.

  2. Hi, Mr Tsuboi.
    Hope you are fine.
    We learn a lot from you.
    Thank you very much for sharing with us your projects and ideas.
    Good luck for this project.
    Nesrine charef

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