Perpetual Peace (No.1)

Who could imagine we would face this kind of war in the twenty-first century?

It is a shame that we have to show the horrible situations on TV to the next generation every day.

It seems that we have become the orphan in the universe.

Why can’t we eliminate wars in this world?

Most of all of us might have this simple question.

Today, let’s learn from a philosopher in seventy’s, Immanuel Kant.

He wrote the book, “Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch ” in 1795. At the time, civil society, and capitalism had just begun through the French and American revolutions.

At the beginning of the book, he recommended 6 articles to achieve perpetual peace;

1. “No Treaty of Peace Shall Be Held Valid in Which There Is Tacitly Reserved Matter for a Future War”

2. “No Independent States, Large or Small, Shall Come under the Dominion of Another State by Inheritance, Exchange, Purchase, or Donation”

3. “Standing Armies (miles perpetuus) Shall in Time Be Totally Abolished”

4. “National Debts Shall Not Be Contracted with a View to the External Friction of States”

5. “No State Shall by Force Interfere with the Constitution or Government of Another State”

6. “No State Shall, during War, Permit Such Acts of Hostility Which Would Make Mutual Confidence in the Subsequent Peace Impossible: Such Are the Employment of Assassins (percussores), Poisoners (venefici), Breach of Capitulation, and Incitement to Treason (perduellio) in the Opposing State”

What if the current United Nations has those articles and are effective to govern all member countries?

Let’s look ahead. This is the chance to rethink together about international rules to achieve perpetual peace on the planet.

We do not worry because we are not orphans. We are not alone.

2 thoughts on “Perpetual Peace (No.1)”

  1. Hi Mr Tsuboi!
    How are you!
    Hope you are fine!

    I would like to say that certain strong countries do not think about perpetual peace.
    They could never enforce the 6 articles you have mentionned.
    The problem is on the governers themselves.
    I think that the governors who light a war are not stable psychologically.
    They lose humanity day after day.
    We could never understand the behavior of strong presidents.
    I think that certain strong countries are developped and strong thanks to people and not to their president.
    The governance can change presidents into monsters without any responsibility and humanity.
    They are playing a game.
    People are the game.
    We are all in the same game
    In that situation, what is the meaning of life?

    Nesrine san from Algeria.

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