Space Orphans

Space orphans by Ichiko Aoba

‘ Space Orphans ‘

It’s strange to fall asleep every night,

in a quiet place where neither land nor sea.

Since the day when the dragon awoke,

the space orphans have been looking for something.

Look straight ahead.

We’ll be just fine because we’re always with you.

The music and lyrics by Ichiko Aoba

Translation by Shinichi Tsuboi

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to cause devastation. Precious lives were lost many people were forced to flee the country.

As a means of a small contribution towards helping in this crisis, Ichiko Aoba wrote this song.

We want to introduce UNHCR to you. Please donate if you can – your generosity will be greatly appreciated. We sincerely hope to finish this crisis as soon as possible and that peace will cover our planet.


2 thoughts on “Space Orphans”

  1. Hi, Mr Tsuboi,
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine.
    The words of Ichiko Aoba are very expressive.
    The music is very quiet.
    I like it.
    Thank you for giving me the link of UNHCR.
    We have all together to help war refugees.
    Nesrine san from Algeria.

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