Can Soil generate energy?

I always remember my new year’s resolution and thinking about project Edison II to create a new business model to cure our home planet. I intuitively believe there are answers in nature.

A few days ago, I googled” bacteria + energy”. I caught some articles that some bacteria can produce electricity. They are called electric bacteria.

In addition, I found an experiment kit called “Mudwatt”.

source : keego tech

This kit was applied fuel cell mechanism. You can learn the mechanism with the following video.

source keego tech

I ordered the kit immediately and it was delivered yesterday. I put the soil in my garden. It looks like they are not generating electricity. Let’s wait for some days.

Using this technology, we can create a new renewable energy source. You need only soil to produce electricity. Soil is everywhere. Some research institutes in Japan try to apply this to water treatment. Cleaning water and generating energy at the same time. How nice! Hokkaido University is one of them. Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences is trying to generate electricity in the paddy field.

Furthermore, NASA also is interested in this technology. (Perhaps Mr. Elon Mask either.)

source: How Bacteria That Make Electricity Could Help Us Colonize Mars by NASA

I plan to do some experiments using this kit and think about applying this natural power to our sustainability project. It is fun!

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