New year’s resolution

Thank you for learning with us about management last year. We learned a lot about how to implement better management for the future.

We wish the new year, 2020 would be a wonderful year for you. New year’s day is good timing to think and plan for the future. Let’s make a new year’s resolution. Now, we are in 2020. We have just ten years to 2030 which is the target year to achieve seventeen sustainable development goals. If we have strategies, innovative ideas, plans, and actions, we can achieve them. Each one of us has a different strength. We can use the competence to realize our visions.

I would like to share the vision of one company. Patagonia inc, an outdoor clothing company has a clear vision. On its website, we can find their vision.

We’re in business to save our home planet.

They have a strong vision and act on it. You can learn the history of this frim with this video.

They try to achieve economic growth and saving the environment. It is not just CSR activities or for public relations. They seriously think about our planet and work for her.

From this year,2020, we set our mission statement as follows;

“We do the business to save our home planet”

It is challenging. If we continue “business as usual”, we can not achieve SDGs by 2030. However, if we create innovative ideas and practices, it is possible to accomplish them.

Let’s make a long term plan for 10 years to 2030. Also, make 5 year-plan by 2025 in detail. Then we want to talk about the progress with you periodically. Let’s enjoy this creative process with our vision.

Again, we wish you happy new year and your innovative activities for sustainable development.

13 thoughts on “New year’s resolution”

  1. Thanks for the new year plan advise and i hope my country will be able to do some thing valuable to the citizens and follow the developed world.

    1. Hi, Jackline-san,

      Developed countries have made a lot of mistakes and finally, reach to this stage.
      Developing countries have advantages to shortcut in the right way.

      1. It is very kind of you advising and reminding us for not forgetting to make a long term plan! Lets start like that and God will bless us InshAllah.
        Akmalkhon, Uzbekistan

  2. Happy New Year May all your wishes come true, healthy and thanks for your advice. I also remember your idea that people’s happiness does not always come from money ^^

  3. Thank you for the email! Happy New Lunar Year! Very teaching video! I want to share it with my friends. This is the right message for the sustainable development, that would be useful for every country.

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