In business schools, we use many business cases to analyze various situations and practice decision-making skills in marketing, strategy, finance, accounting and organization management.

In real business situations, of course, we do a lot of decision makings in the above settings, and we can also learn that knowledge from actual business practices.  However, we realize there is something we need as the character or talent which managers should have and it can not be learned from business school or business practices.

In organization management, we have learned that “nobody wants to act only by orders.” We need something make him/ her inspire or motivate to do.

In the short term,  you may overcome small obstacles with just experiences or knowledge; however, in the long term, you can not stay in business.

So what do we need as managers as a talent or character?

It is ” integrity”. Without integrity, we can not get trust from employees, customers and business partners and cannot continue our business. On the contrary, we have experienced the trust made us help.

Mr. Eiichi Shibusawa, the father of capitalism in Japan. told that The trust is a real capital and base of prosperity in business.

Peter Drucker also said integrity is one absolute requirement of any manager, the one quality that he has to bring with him and cannot be expected to acquire later on.”

Integrity is needed not only for management but also for family and individual life. Integrity should be the principle to receive trust by yourself, family, organization, and society.

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3 thoughts on “Integrity”

  1. Integrity is an attitude and social quality that is acquierd in the family, at school and through the healthy realtionships we have with actors of the society (Administration, economy, companies, finances, etc.).
    Leaders are expected to be as honest as possible. Only in this way they can succeed in inscribing any constructive process over time and gaining confidence. With unhealthy leaders, hello to damages aven results seemed to be plaussible in short time.

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