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What will happen going beyond the limits?

Our human activities have already gone beyond the capacity of the earth for more than fifty years. We have already discussed the article on ecological footprint.  We are placing a heavy burden on our planet. Greenhouse gases are accumulating in the air.

What will happen going beyond the limits? The following graph indicates that if we continue our current economic activities and life without any changes, how significant factors of our lives behave over time.

The first graph shows five main variables’ behaviors: resources, population, industrial output, food, and pollution.

The second graph explains the relationship between the human welfare index (our quality of life) and the human ecological footprint.

Could you imagine the picture of our future from the two graphs?

The first graph indicates that our natural resources will be exhausted, and due to the lack of resources, industries will be overshot and collapse. As a result, food production also will collapse, and our population will decrease dramatically.

The second graph shows the same situation. Our ecological footprint will overshoot and collapse. Due to this result, our quality of life will also collapse.

It looks like the worst scenario for us but unfortunately, we are exactly following this one.