Country profile

Region: Oceania

Area: 2,842 km2 (167th)

Population: 202,506 (176th)

Major agricultural produces: copra (dried coconut meat), cocoa beans (for chocolate), rubber, and bananas

Ethnic song and dance:

FA’ATOIA (Autalavou EFKS Fa’ato’ia) : Siva fa’aleaganu’u (50th 2012)
Training course

JICA strategic management and marketing for sustainable local industry development class of 2022B

Participant name: Ms. SOLINUU Faletogo Tovaleinuupulea

Organization: Civil Society Support Programme, Ministry of Finance

Training activities
  1. Drawing a vision picture, the image of the ideal state of the region or country(the first trial)

Management by Systems Thinking

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