Drawing vision

In our management training courses, there are workshops to draw vision. We think this is the first step to achieve something meaningful. In the recent training course of sustainable local industry development course, we received nine participants from eight different developing countries. They made a class vision like the picture above. They thought that if their counties one nation, what our vision by2030 would be. They analyzed their personal and their countries’ SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Their vision statement is as follows;

Become a developed country in harmony with nature and colloboration with the world by 2030.

What a nice vision, isn’t it? During the analysis, they understood classmates’ better and realized their countries have a lot of precious resources more than the developed countries.

It was a good start to make their action plans. We saw collaborations among them to make their plan better until the presentation day.

If you want to do something important, drawing and sharing the vision with colleagues or friends is a good idea to do at first.

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