Bushido and sword


Bushido (chivalry) is a flower no less indigenous to the soil of Japan than its emblem, the cherry blossom. It is still a living object of power and beauty among us.

It is still the code of moral principles for us, and it should be.

The sword, the soul of samurai

The sword, the soul of samurai and made it the emblem of power and prowess. A self-possessed man knows the right time to use it, and such times come but rarely.

“The best-won victory is that obtained without shedding of blood,” and other similar import-will show that, after all, the ultimate ideal of knighthood was Peace.

(by Inazo Nitobe, Bushido, the soul of Japan)

We need samurai and swords to challenge complex problems and achieve sustainable development.

4 thoughts on “Bushido and sword”

  1. Shinichi sensei,

    I am deeply touched by this resounding piece, especially the part – “The best-won victory is that obtained without shredding of blood”.

    Indeed, a silent echo in the midst of an endless spiral.

    The symbolic meaning of a sword and flower is needed for sustainable development. A development that last until the end of time.

    Domo arigato gozaimasu, sensei 🙇🙇

    1. Hi, RJ-san,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We’ve already had the invisible sword of “Managementdo”.
      Let’s practice every day with an invincible mind and master using it for a sustainable future.
      Invincible mindset

  2. Hi, Mr Tsuboi!
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine!

    The principles of bushido (righteousness, loyalty, honor, respect, honesty, courage and honesty) should be used to success our life, business and economy.

    These principles are also required and provided for by our religion Islam.

    In our Islam, all Muslims have to adopt and believe in these principles.

    Muslim who does not believe in these principles will be punished by God at the doomstay because this muslim was not correct with people and even with himself.

    This muslim without those principles can do bad things to the people, the nature, the animals, the environment, the economy, and even destruct the world.

    The only difference between bushido and Islam is that the bushido accepts the suicide of people for honor, but In Islam the suicide is prohibited because if muslim fails, God forgives him and gives him a second chance to control and correct himself to be a good muslim. It is called God’s mercy.

    In Islam Muslims have to be warriors and fights for their honor and other principles required by the Coran, if they are killed by others when they defend those principles, there will be rewarded with heaven by God.But if they still in life and fail the war, they have not to kill theirselves. Au contrary, they have respect and blessing.

    In Islam there is not the notion of dream, life is real and death is real too.

    We have to love life and do the best to win the second live after death (heaven).

    Islam prohibits people to kill theirselves or to do harm to their body or soul.

    It is prohibied for muslims to punish theirselves. God is the unique and the only one who can punish us during our lives and after our death.

    Finaly, these principles are necessary for us in our life.

    An entrepreneur or a manager are like a warriors and has to believe in these principles and has to work hard to focus on its goals to achieve best results.

    As a result, if we believe in these principles we can achieve the goals of sustainable development.

    Charef Nesrine San

    1. Hi, Nesrine-san,
      Thank you for teaching us the words of God.
      Yes. We believe in the principles by God to make a fruitful future, together.

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