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  1. Hi, Mr Tsuboi!
    How are you?
    Hope you are fine!

    God has put the thought of eternity in our hearts.

    All men have a spirit, all men have a soul.

    How can we focus our views on eternity rather than on the things that are here on earth?

    We are human beings, we have to live here on earth, and that is why the ephemeral life attracts us. It imposes its requirements on us because we live in this world. So to be able to live with eternity in perspective, we have to fight what is ephemeral, what wants to attract our thoughts and our attachments to the earth. We must fight them and arm ourselves with wisdom.

    Our vision will be directed toward that which is eternal, and we must seek out the things that are eternal.

    Wisdom, for example, will reign for all eternity. And when we believe in that, it will become such a great treasure for us.

    In all of life’s situations, our hearts and minds will be open to the possibilities we encounter to grow in wisdom, that wisdom that we can take with us into eternity.

    For example, knowledge of this world, knowledge of science, mathematics and similar things, could serve us for this present life, but wisdom is needed if we want to be able to rule and reign in the new earth.

    And that’s why when we keep our focus on those things, and we have that clear vision in front of us, then we will see the many, many opportunities that are available to us in life.

    Nesrine charef

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