4 thoughts on “Hearing the Voice of Nakamura Tetsu”

  1. Hi, Mr Tsuboi,

    How are you?
    Hope you are fine!

    The story of the doctor Nakamura Tetsu is very Sad.
    He suffered a lot in Afghanistan.
    But he was brave and stong man. He tried to create sustainability there.
    He is a model of courage and sacrifices.
    He saved a lot of lives.
    Certainly, he is now in the paradise.

    In our religion Islam, there is a statement in Holly Coran which states that ” whoever saves one life is as if he saves all people lives. Otherwise, whoever kills one life is as if he kills all people lives.”

    Nesrine San from Algeria.

  2. Hi Mr Tsuboi Sane

    Uncle Nakamura, as he is called by the villagers of the mountains where he was active, is one of the few militants of our time worthy of being called a samurai.

    Armed with bushido, he believed in the right to live for rural people in afghanistan and for fight his battle, he made the choice to live as an afghan and invest in the human development of the poorest despite the context of war continued.

    He had the choice to lead a peaceful and comfortable life in Tokyo, but the soul of the Samurai made Testu Nakamura deeply involved in the real war to be waged: that of development and investment in human capital.

    The weapons of war killed Nakamura’s body, but the spirit of his action is well anchored in the minds of those who were willing to fight alongside him and learn the art of giving.

    Clean water, rehabilitated land, established health services speak and say: Here it was Nakumura. Japan should be proud of that.

    May the Soul Testu Nakamura rest in peace.

    yours faithfully
    Abdelhadi SBIA

    1. Hi Sbia-san,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I remind him when I face difficulties, then they become nothing.
      I’m proud of Dr. Nakamura and you, too.

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