Adult learning

We enter a new year. I try to have a new year’s resolution.

We have provided training courses for adults for more than ten years. Now I’m reflecting what are the necessary abilities as a mature person.

Are we have sufficient virtues to our society better?

According to a zen teacher, we are thinking only for ourselves 99% of our time and this is the reason for suffering. Therefore, firstly we should try to think for others. However, for the age of sustainable development, I feel that we need something more.

I want to think with you about this question and make our learning better.

This will be our new year’s resolution. Let’s appreciate having one more year makes us happy.

3 thoughts on “Adult learning”

  1. Hi! Mr Tsuboi!
    How are you?
    I am happy to hear from you!
    This new year is a new chance given from God to do better.
    We could not succeed every one without thinking of others.
    We could think all together about the nature.
    We are from the nature and we live from the nature. We have to preserve our source of existing.
    Nesrine San from Algeria.

  2. Hi Mr Tsuboi!
    Thank you for your email.
    A mature adult is experted to responsability of one’s own actions.
    Maturity is not something coming with adulthood.
    There are a lot of teens who are quite mature.
    A mature person takes his decision keeping in mind of the pros and cons.
    He is not someone who does a stuff randomly. He follows life in a more logical manner with proper reasoning behind his actions.
    Nesrine san from algeria.

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