Tips for project implementation

After analysis and planning your project, you will move to practice. Generally, this stage is the most important and difficult. That is why we would like to share with you some tips for the implementation.

1. Start small

Suddenly, If you propose something new to do in an official big meeting, most of the participants would have a hesitation. This is a natural behavior because they think they will have additional work. That is why we need this first strategy. Starting with a small group of people and small activities.

2. Share your vision

The next step is sharing your vision. Please share your vision with your close friends or colleagues and explain why the project is necessary to achieve the vision. When they understand your meaning, then start some small activities.

3. Motivate them

Project implementation depends on the motivation of project members. If they satisfy their needs with the project, they continue to work on it. The point is how to motivate them. I introduce one psychological theory;

Self Determination Theory (SDT)

According to this theory, to motivate people, three basic needs should be satisfied; Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness.

  • Autonomy: Project members understand the meaning of your idea and they are willing to do by their decision. Providing some options to them to do is effective.
  • Competence: If project members can use their competence and practice activities, they enjoy and feel the contribution. Understand the strengths of all project members and allocate the task in which they can use their skills. When you offer the training to them to obtain the necessary skills. If you design the course with mastery-based learning, participants realize to obtain skills gradually and feel competent.
  • Relatedness: If you provide the members with the environment in which they feel belongings and connection to other members, they enjoy the collaboration work.

4. Be flexible

The project is not able to practice what you planned. Flexibility is one of the key success factors. Stick with your vision but with the plan. If you can achieve the goal, it better to modify your plan. Prototyping and refining.

Using those tips and enjoy practicing your project.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Tips for project implementation”

  1. Thank you very much.
    I am able to refresh myself though your tips
    I wonder specially the flexibility part which I need to improve

    1. Hi, Meseret-san,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Being flexible is difficult for most of us.
      We should set a certain vision and direction, it’s better to be mindful and if you have obstacles, we can find new ways to achieve our vision.

  2. Thank you very much.
    I am starting small and trying to be flexible with this lock down and all.
    Thank you for your all your support.
    Island Food Community of Pohnpei is very much active in our communities.

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