the Maldives could become uninhabitable by 2050

February 3, 1997 February 19, 2020
Source: NASA earth observatory

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean. 80% of the islands stand less than one meter above sea level. Due to human-induced climate change, the global sea level is rising four to five millimeters per year.

One study insists that the Maldives could become unhabitable by 2050. as increasing the frequency of wave-driven floods and lacking fresh water.

The government of this island country is constructing a manmade island named Hulhumalé located northeast of the capital, Malé to increase its resilience. (please look at the above comparison pictures between 1997 and 2020. you can slide the bar and see the differences.)

This is the island where one of our friends is living. This is just one example. There are many islands that have the similar situation in the pacific ocean.

There is one wisdom in Japan. “If you see what is right and fail to act on it, you lack courage.” Now we need the courage to act on righteousness.

Reference: Preparing for Rising Seas in the Maldives by earth observatory, NASA,