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Shin Tsuboi is a business owner of Insight Management Inc, a management learning and consulting company. He also manages a "dojo" (a small school) of "Managementdo", the art of management.

The message by the future generation

Ms. Greta Thrunberg, age sixteen made a presentation at TED about climate change.

She is known for organizing a school strike to raise awareness of global warming. This issue, we have already known but we have not done effective actions. That is why she should have presented this matter. This is a shame for us as adult people in this generation. We should have worked seriously about this global agenda before her speech.

Recently SDGs, sustainable development goals is getting popular even in the business world. If we continue “business as usual”, we will not achieve those seventeen goals by 2030. We should use our imaginations, do “business unusual” and implement “better management” to pass a better environment for future generations.